{blahblahblah} = My comments… comments on something I’ve just written, something I feel like prefacing, or something about which I want to offer my own personal perspective based on my experience. Sometimes I like to relate something to personal experience so that I might further consider it, reference back to it, and hopefully expand on at some point… and I suppose, also on the offhand chance that you might find these comments interesting and worthwhile.

(Expansion on a certain idea that is helpful to that idea’s conception and possibly also to its lesson. It’s helpful (and hopefully intuitive) to read content within parentheses… but you already knew that because who ignores statements within parentheses anyway?) = [Continuous Explanation]

[When I put things in brackets, I guess it’s not totally necessary to read what’s in them in order to fully understand a central theme, and often they’re just relative tidbits that I think might add to an idea, but I wouldn’t advise skipping them. You’ll still get the presiding message. But if you wanted to skip them, you totally could. But you shouldn’t… just trust me on this one. I promise I will use all the positive energy available to me at the time of writing to not let you down if you do. Like, for example, that little thing above was kind of funny, right? When I put “Continuous Explanation” in brackets, because you totally didn’t need the continuous explanation… but it was funny to read it and sort of witty?] = Extra stuff that isn’t necessarily personal to me. Read it or don’t… it don’t matta.